Multiply your efforts by working with business allies and trade your expertise and skills, freeing up time to spend the way you want  

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Making connections that translate into a community of liked-minded Preneurs not only opens up masterminds and potential joint venture partners, but also paves the way to nurturing relationships and the trading of expertise and skills. That, in turn, will not only free up your time, but make it more valuable.

Initially, we may not feel that we’re freeing up time, but rather like we’re multiplying our efforts …  That’s because it takes time to set up new systems that can run on autopilot when completed. When we set up anything, we need to ensure our foundations are strong.


Webinars are a great way of

(1) presenting yourself to many people in one event, and

(2) automating it so that you can reach more viewers at any time.

Initially by using live webinars your time will still be factored in, however by using a mixture of live and automated webinars you will be able to leverage and save time by packaging a product that becomes ‘evergreen’.

Evergreen is sustainable and lasting over time.  The content transcends the latest and greatest by providing long-lasting expertise that users come back to again and again. This could be your signature product, repurposed content, client generation marketing.  Whether it is automated or available after as a recording, you can choose the life expectancy based on your marketing goals.  Many Preneurs will have an evergreen product such as a webinar or training series available for over a year or more, others a number of months.

Another avenue could be to use your newly garnered joint venture partner/s in the mix therefore leveraging their knowledge, credibility and list.

Whether you have decided that your webinar is going to be evergreen or serve a specific topic pertinent to the moment, by being in direct contact with your target audience you are displaying your skills and expertise in a forum that reaches many people and opening the window at the end of your webinars to provide a way for the newcomers to connect with you via a call to action.

Automating your webinars enables you to increase both the reach and the impact of your message and frees up your time to concentrate on creating new material or focus on other areas of your business as you now have an evergreen product.

Course Intensives

Group courses are another method of using your time effectively, leveraging other Preneur’s expertise and creating a basis to build another evergreen income branding stream.

Courses running 6-8 weeks prove to be the most effective.  By making the first course delivery live you can record and package creating a unique product.   This is another one-to-many strategy with automation thrown in.   Even if you don’t record to automate, this is still a timesaving one-to-many strategy.

To further leverage, you can invite guest experts to teach segments that may not be your strongest point but compliment your areas of expertise. Again, this multiplies your efforts, cements solid relationships with other experts, and puts you front-and-centre as a powerful presenter and influential businessperson.

Be a Guest Presenter

In the same way you would edify and expand your audience with another Preneur by inviting them to present in an intensive or webinar; being a guest presenter helps you leverage the power of someone else’s audience.

Just like you, other experts are designing courses for their students and followers. Whether your peer is in the same or a different niche they may need one area of study fleshed out for their in-depth course, and you happen to be an expert in that area.  Ditto and reverse strategy to what we discussed in course intensives, not only will your peer appreciate your expertise but the audience will appreciate your expertise, too, thus multiplying your marketing efforts by trading your expertise and skills.

Guest Speaking

When we go online we tend to focus more on marketing in the online world than our own back yard especially when we are working / building around family commitments.

If you are in a locality where networking with like-minded Preneurs is an option, make sure you get out and take advantage of face to face marketing!   If your colleague or JV partner invites you to speak at their event, you’re automatically positioned as someone of importance.  If you want to raise awareness of your product or service online utilise local networking groups like the Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business, Rotary Clubs, or any club relating to your niche.

Bear in mind that you’re looking for venues that will save you time in the long run, and local people can connect you to vital resources.

As a Mumpreneur working around family commitments this may take some scheduling.  If family can’t look after the kids, get a sitter!  This is your business, it won’t be ‘I can’t; it will be ‘how can I’.

Outsourcing To Experts

We’ve all heard in one way or another ‘outsource your weaknesses, focus on your strengths’ or ‘work on your business and not in your business’.

Time to relinquish total control so you can grow your business!

For many people, it’s difficult to let go of certain jobs because they might not be done ‘perfectly’, the way you’re doing them.  Don’t let yourself get ground up in such tiny details that you can’t spend time on what’s important.

Refer to your worksheet for an exercise that will help you breakdown the tasks that you can delegate.

Once you have cleared your schedule of the jobs that slow you down because you aren’t passionate about them or they aren’t your strength you will find that your productivity increases and you can spend more time taking your passion and unique skills and crafting them into a highly profitable home based online business.

- - - -

Okay MumPreneurs, if you haven’t already, grab your worksheet below.  Lots of paths you can take to multiply your efforts and free up your time.

We’ve come to the end of a busy 5 days.  I have loved being on this journey with you. 

Are you feeling connection ready?

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to mastermind and jv but don’t have anything to put on the table.
  • You're doing everything ‘right’, but can't figure out why it's not happening.
  • You've got a few clients, but business seems to come to a halt.
  • You want to take your business to the next level.

I get it.  I really do.

I have been in your shoes and as a vibrant and on the go MumPreneur with little time around family and work commitments; getting everything together to move forward seems like it will take ages with the distractions a family life brings and in the little snippets of time that you have to focus on your business.

That is why I created my Release your Inner Preneur ‘Transformation Journey’.

A 12 week 1:1 Coaching Program that is for MumPreneurs who are passionate about creating and growing their ultimate business, throwing away mummy guilt and living life on their terms, spending quality time with their family, and living an inspired and abundant life.

 Before you decide anything, make sure you book in for a Discovery Call
so we know we are a good fit for each other.

This is a mini coaching session where we will look at where you are now, what your challenges are in moving forward and strategies you can put in place to more towards where you want to be.

ignite your passion, create and grow your ultimate business and live an inspired and abundant life

And remember to keep me updated on your progress through the Release Your Inner Preneur Facebook Group

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