Throw the Business Plan Out The Window & Still Build A KickAss Business

Just hearing the term ‘Business plan’ has always sent me packing.  Too much work!!  Yes if we want to borrow money it is what the lenders want, it helps us focus on the direction we want to go.  I started a biz plan for my first business, never looked at it again as the business morphed based on what I wanted and where my clients needs took me.

Some would not like that as I was not in control.  True, no I wasn’t, I was reactive.   I am great at lists and procrastinating til the cows come home by putting my all into a document that looks at where I want to be in the future, and that is what a biz plan was like for me.  Time wasted.

I’d rather get in there and do it, adjust it to suit my direction.

Dream Forward, Plan Backwards.

Funny, I love systems and am better at helping others set and follow their own systems but now after years of experience, I know that my style is very different and my shape is not going to fit the traditional peg hole.   Big picture is my priority, the steps aren’t cast in stone, and are reviewed weekly to ensure I am on track.

What do I do now that helps me keep on track?  Something much simpler…

There are 4 areas I look at now and they keep me accountable to my dream.

  1. Live It – 3 years time
  2. Be Real Projection – 12 months time
  3. Commit To It Action – 90 Days time
  4. KickAss – Get it Done This Week!

One of my mentors, Taki Moore of Coach Marketing Machine teaches this awesome process, I have just called my points something that suits me.  It is the only method I have found I can stick with,  have actionable kickass things I can get done on a weekly basis that show me I am reaching each of my timeframes in 1, 2 & 3 whilst still keeping the big picture smack bang in front of me.

Give it a whirl!!  Grab an A4 sheet of paper and draw:


MyBizPlan Worksheet


One day per week, review it and add a new set of weekly KickAss Actions!
(Taki uses a post it note which he places on top the previous week in the bottom right quadrant.

When I have the kids home I don’t get anything done for four out of seven days so this process helps me stay on track when I am either on a work day and they are in care or have a few moments after the they have gone to sleep in the evening to make sure I am focussing on an action that will help me achieve my KickAss Business.

Would love to know if it helps you as well.  Remember to visit me below and comment as to how you are going.

To Your Success


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