Let’s Have Fun With Our Business!

Yes fun!  Our business is what we make it.  Sure there are some roles that aren’t as easy, and when we start out, we tend to have to do everything… you may feel you not great at some of them but why would that stop you from having fun and creating a business that works for you?

Something that I would get so excited about, but pushed to the side was Ideas.  I had so many Ideas… how they could work together, work with others, be stand alone … and they got put to the side because I either didn’t have the funds, the techy know-how or how to roll it out.  Mmmm how did that work out?  Not great.

When we flush or close off an idea because of (insert your reason), we are closing off the magic that could be.   Our decision or reason that it won’t work, and in some cases why it will, can put a huge Stop Sign up and stumps the possibility of it growing into so much more or what could have been.

Question.  How many times have you thought ‘oh great I’ll do that’ and then followed on with ‘I can’t because …’?

The idea never had a chance!  We expect it to happen in a finite time or in a specific way and if it doesn’t then oh woe, it’s not going to happen.

Question.  How many times have you thought, oh that will work because I have this, that and the other set up, and if I do it this way it’s all good?  Now above I said that in some cases when we know things will work out it still brings a Stop Sign… what if it was going to be bigger than you first thought, what if because you thought to this high, you closed it off from going that high?

If you are like me, this takes some work.  Jumping to a conclusion had been a foregone.  What if we were in the awareness of the Idea, not the how?

Uh huh, this is sounding law of attraction and all now isn’t it… it could be.  I want to take you on a different route.  Something that worked for me after trying so many other ways to ‘manifest’ my desires, copious numbers of affirmations and subliminal recordings.   I was great and Stop Signing my journey and so many occasions wondered why it worked for everyone else and not me.  Why was their business flourishing, why were they earning the dollars, able to travel to retreats and work minimal hours per week when I felt my life was the opposite.


Find a quiet space, turn the phone off (yes, off!), away from the computer with a notepad.

  1. First what is it that you have been struggling with, procrastinating with, unsure if it is the right or wrong direction to take, a bud of an idea.
  2. Now, think back to the times when life felt light, flowing to you. It could be when you got a good grade in school, or scored for your sports team, had a great time with your friends, when you met your other half, your child first smiled at you or a time when you thought things went so well you felt like celebrating, ringing someone to tell them.That feeling, that energy.  It’s when you feel you have climbed a mammoth mountain, and feel like you can do so much more (I’d love to hear how you would describe it).  Take that energy.  Feel it.  Be aware of how your body feels …  It’s at that time we feel like we can create more.
  3. Think about the idea or situation we thought of at the beginning of this exercise, and ask the Idea (yes this sounds odd, but work with me here), what it would like to be. Where do we want to go together, what can you create together?   Write what comes to your mind, no thinking, just write.  Give yourself 5-10 minutes.The Ideas that come to you may seem like they vary across the achievement or sensibility scale.  You may wonder where the heck they came from and how you could achieve them.  The how is not your worry.  You’re losing the energy of possibility and the conclusions are creeping in with their Stop Sign.

If you did this every week you would have a collection of possibilities.  What else is possible?  How else can you use this in your life?    Being in the energy of creating gives us choice.  If we are always asking questions of what else is possible in (insert situation) we attract the magic of what can be.

When we don’t make an assumption about an Idea, situation or thought have you ever noticed that the right person, business or solution was put in front of you?  With Ease?

The people we see getting everything they want, are they thinking of a possibility and then saying it won’t happen, it’s too expensive, it’s too far, its … its … its…  No chance.

What else is possible if you allowed it to take its course?

If this is gelling for you and you want to create so much more in your business and your personal life, block in some time to have a Free 15-minute call with me where you will come off the call with Clarity on how you can create with ease.

To Your Success


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