How’s Your Balancing Act?

Don’t we wish that there was a single, set formula that would outline a plan on how to “balance” our lives?  

Sorry, it is basically a personal choice on how you choose to balance a career, love life, children and social events, but we have offered you some important tips to make this decision easier that will make everyone happy.

Creating and sticking to boundarieslife-balance-work

Creating boundaries, especially when you work from home is challenging, because it is easy to get distracted from your work knowing that there are dirty dishes in the sink, laundry that needs to be folded and dinners to prepare.

Placing boundaries around yourself and your workspace is similar to drawing an invisible line encircling you and your work station that will protect you from constant outside influences that may cause a distraction.

When you set limits, you are basically stated what is non-acceptable behavior from others.   Without having firm boundaries in place, it becomes increasing difficult to delegate work to family members and to saying “no” when the questions of “where are my shoes”, “can I go to Kathy’s”, “what’s for dinner”, “when will you be done”.  Remember, setting and sticking to boundaries are an important component to having a balanced family and work life.

Scheduling and Planning

To achieve a balanced lifestyle, you need to plan quite time/relaxation into your day or you will burn out very quickly.  Remember to have lunch and schedule a 15 minute walk around the block as this helps to clear your head so you can be more productive.

Have a large calendar, in a central location that has assigned chores for every family member clearly outlined.

Eventually you will burn out as an entrepreneur, spouse and parent if you do not take care of yourself.  Positive affirmations are a way to keep your mind positive.  Yoga is another way to keep your body in shape and help you to relax.  When you schedule time away from your busy schedule, then your business, personal and family life will all benefit tremendously.

Build a Support Network

There is no shame in asking for assistance, in fact it is vital to achieve a balanced home and work life.

Having children pitch in with household chores, recruit neighbors and friend to help car pool kids around to activities.

Always have a contingency plan in place as emergencies are inevitable.

Let Go of Guilt

Guilt is wasted emotional energy because it keeps you from getting ahead; it can sabotage your efforts to become successful.

When you spend time with your family, focus on them and don’t think about work related issues.  Have a scheduled “date night” with your spouse.  These small yet important rituals will be and instrument, not a hindrance, to your overall success.

Be Flexible

It is important that you do not be too hard on yourself when everything on your “to do” list doesn’t get done.  You need to have a flexible attitude and schedule, especially when there are children in the household and things can change at a moment’s notice.  Negotiation is a great skill of a flexible person.


How are you balancing your life?  What have you implemented?  Have you had to give something up?  How do you feel about how things are going right now?

Comment below, if you have a challenge or a win, we would love to hear about it.

To Your Success


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  1. Setting boundaries was something that I definitely struggled with when I began my freelance writing business, and it wasn’t until I set those boundaries and stuck to them that I began to see my productivity reach the level it needed to be.
    For me, working from home as a writer was a dream because it would enable me to spend more time with my family. Well, as I ventured into the work from home life, I found that all of the extra time with my family was hindering my work & as a result threatening my family’s livelihood. I had to set my “work hours” – where mommy HAD to work – and stick to them religiously. Once I did this, I was finally able to balance my work with my family!

    1. Hey Ann
      Great you found my site and thanks for taking the time to feed back. Boundaries would be one of the main areas I see as a coach, especially when we first move to our ‘home office’ and have little people around (I say this as a 3.5yr old taps on my shoulder when she should be having a sleep!!). Great that you were able to implement a strategy that worked.
      Cheers Kate

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