How a Community of Mums in Business Can Help You Succeed

Starting a business, from home, around your family commitments is huge. There are bound to be plenty of questions, many doubts, quite a few tears and wines (of the liquid variety), but you will push on because you started with a dream and you are determined to follow your passion.

What happens when you have questions, when you wake in the middle of the night with a problem, when the kids are screaming and you wonder if you can do this gig?

It’s not easy, but it is what we do.

Many mums in business are struggling to grow their business because they are feeling isolated and without support.

Too often we get ‘stuck’ in our in-action which starts to knock our confidence, we feel uninspired, demotivated and frozen in moving our business forward.

Mums are good at community. What you need is a community around you that understands your concerns, can help you find answers to your questions (any question) and inspires you to pursue your passion.


When like-minded people come together awesome things happen. This is the boost your business needs. Technology has now made it so much easier to connect and develop communities. Communities that can help you brainstorm ideas, giving honest but supportive feedback, accountability, keep you grounded and genuinely want you to succeed.

So, how do you go about finding a community of mumpreneurs? Ask around your local area or research groups online. If there is a gap in the support market, start a community of your own, I am sure you know other mums in business who would also love support and guidance.

Do you have a community you can turn to for that sanctuary of support?

You can also check out my Regional Rural Remote MumPreneurs Connected, where you can connect and network with other amazing mumpreneurs.



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