Get Your 2015 Game Plan Right!

Two days into 2015!  How have you been going with your resolutions?  How about even setting some goals?  Is there a difference?

Resolutions don’t seem to be held as important as goals but they in actual fact are very much HUGE.  I didn’t think so until I really looked into it (I am open to the fact though that everyone has their own definition, here is mine).


If you are going to make a Resolution it is going to make a HUGE impact on your life as you are making a change to your programming; making permanent changes to your life.   Resolutions are something we look at regularly, live daily.  Each day is a clean slate, whether you achieve it or not.

Goal_boardA Goal on the other hand is measurable and has a time span.  If we want to reach for specific achievements then they are goals not resolutions.

An example would be: 

Resolution:  To be Fit and Healthy
Goal:  To lose 25kg by 30 September 2015

The key is to know which changes in your life should make attainable goals and which would be permanent resolutions.

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I have included an awesome eBook that I have been reading over the last week (again) to get your head into gear to stick to your resolutions and set and achieve your goals, my gift to you is The Game Of Life & How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn.  It may have been written in 1925, but the content is so very relevant today.

If you are stuck and want to get unstuck – let’s make 2015 Awesome, get a headstart and work with a coach.   I would be happy to talk with you further.

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  1. I completely agree with you that it is important to make resolutions that are measurable… Here it is – April – and I have been able to maintain my main resolution for 2015: Grow my client base in my freelance writing business. This is a measurable resolution because, obviously, I will be able to see my client base grow.
    However, I’d also like to add that it’s a good thing to choose resolutions that allow for the celebration of small milestones throughout the year. For instance, I can set myself a set goal of the amount of new clients I’d like to meet this year. I can then break that total number down into smaller segments & celebrate these smaller victories throughout the year with my family. Keeps you motivated & happy!

    1. Well said Ann. We should always celebrate our achievements and breaking them down makes it fun, realistic and love how you bring your family into the goal as well. Cheers Kate

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