Why Do Women Want to Be Entrepreneurs?

70% of graduates world-wide are women and yet in the Australian Census of Women in Leadership shows that women hold just 12.3% of director positions and only 9.7% of executive personnel roles. These numbers are on the rise each year but the world of business is clearly still dominated by men.

This research was focused on big businesses though and failed to look at the strides women are making in the small business sector. According to the AWCCI up to 50% of all private businesses are owned by women. This shows that women are creating opportunities to earn money themselves by becoming entrepreneurs and in many cases Mumpreneurs.

So why is this shift in women’s work taking place? Why do women want to be entrepreneurs?

  • For a flexible work/life balance

When you work for yourself you are responsible for your own schedule. You can be there when your family needs you, as any mother knows; to do this properly you need a flexible approach to working hours. After all, you can never predict when your child is going to be ill or a school play will be scheduled. The traditional work place is improving its attitude to flexibility but there is still a long way to go. Owning your own business has its challenges but whatever career choices a mother makes involves juggling, at least when you are a Mumpreneur you are in charge of the balls!

  • Lack of opportunities

Finding roles that fit in with family life, pay well and provide a sense of purpose isn’t always an option. We don’t have to look too far back into our social history to find mothers working only in lower paid service roles, if at all. The world is changing and Australia is very progressive but opportunities for highly paid work in significant positions are simply fewer for women than men. 

  • The desire to be on top

It is clear that women are under-represented in the traditional leadership roles. Owning your own business gives you the opportunity to take control. Instead of having to follow instructions from a boss you can finally become the boss. Taking the leap to owning your own business means you no longer have to play the corporate games required to reach those key positions; you create them for yourself and climb all the way to the top of your own ladder.

What challenges do these Mumpreneurs face?

The Mumpreneur is a phenomenon that is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping. This change in the landscape of the workplace means that women in business are on the leading edge and are learning about the challenges they face as they go.

A recent study found that one of the biggest problems Mumpreneurs face is networking and coaching opportunities. If you work for an established company their training and coaching services are most probably well-established but when you work for yourself you are essentially on your own. Just because you made the decision to work independently it doesn’t mean you wanted to be lonely!

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When you are the boss, who do you turn to? You can’t tell yourself in your next performance management review that you would like access to a marketing coach and some training on using Social Media to grow your brand. If you want any sort of guidance you have to seek it for yourself, the quandary for many women business owners remains; where?

I offer the solution. I am a woman’s business coach and have a wealth of knowledge and experience I would love to share with you to enable your business and confidence to grow. I know how isolating it can feel building a business with a family in tow and can provide you with the support network you need to keep your Mumpreneur dream alive. For a personal strategy call with me contact me now.

I understand the importance of networking with other business owners and I have seen how women benefit from empowering and supporting each other. I have designed the Business & Bubbles events to bring Mumpreneur’s together to allow their businesses to expand. Get to know other Mumpreneurs in the community.

As a gender we have come so far and it is inspiring to know that everyday women are starting new businesses and forging their own career paths. If you are at the beginning of the journey or even if you have established yourself, don’t accept the isolation any longer. Call me now to make a change and allow your own business goals to soar.

To Your Success

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