Pregnancy, Morning Sickness …. & Business!

We welcomed a new nephew to the world yesterday.  Not only are we excited about his safe arrival and his mum’s safe journey but it also brought up many feelings from my two pregnancies, especially with a certainly royal pregnant with her second child and a not so enjoyable pregnancy ahead with morning sickness.

IMG_2722cThere is nothing worse after hearing the wonderful news from the doctor or reading it on a tester, that you have a little one on the way to then having the intense nausea and/or morning sickness (you may have already experienced it before the announcement)!

Our bodies go through so much to nurture and grow this little person that we want the best for them when they arrive.   I had nausea through most of both my pregnancies.  Now some may think that is not as bad as morning sickness, I beg to differ and I’ll never take away from the horror morning sickness, however, I have never felt so crappy in my life and wished I could have relief! The couch and I were on good terms and crawling seems better for centre of gravity than walking … I won’t even broach the inability to move with sciatica!

During my second pregnancy I got online via my smart phone and was privy to many comments from mama’s in countries that didn’t have the benefits of the maternity leave setup as we do in Australia.  There seemed to be a lot more stress due to costs of child birth, eligible maternity leave and then child care costs when mama’s had to return to work.

All over the world, maternity leave has different, shall we say benefits and challenges.    We really are very fortunate in Australia.

Why bring up this subject?

I wanted to have an income that allowed me to work from home and could eventually replace my job’s income.   Working from home allowed me to work around my children’s sleep, feed and play times.  With a second child that tiredness seemed to feel normal and I could achieve so much more than with just one child.  Why, because you just have to, especially when their needs didn’t clock in together!!   Aaagh the bliss of sleeping when the baby slept with only one child…

I took the plunge into online marketing after I had my second child.  My remuneration was very different to the first as I was within the two year period requirement for my work’s maternity leave.  Half my leave was without pay.  Now that was my choice to take a whole 12 months off again and it really gave the impetus to knuckle down and create a stable future for our children and freedom to spend the time with them.

With Angus in a sling sleeping or feeding I could still work whilst Amelia was asleep (no chance when she was awake!!). Angus_office

Through this journey I have not only been able to grow my coaching business and help other mamas and dads find their passion and kick start their journey to achieve pushed aside dreams, but also found that entering the high ticket/top tier online marketing world ticked all my boxes in a business (and had the same amount of work as low ticket, winner).

What a ride and knowing my children are able to be around during my day and I can also achieve daily business actions is awesome (mind you I do like my ‘me’ time as well when they are with their grandparents!!).   Because of this I am more ‘present’ with them and enjoy our play time just as much as they do.

To find out more about how you can achieve your dreams, take the time to complete this form and we’ll have a chat to see what suits for your journey.  (I like personal contact even in this online world!)

As always, would love your feedback on your journey and how you overcame any challenges and celebrated wins.

To Your Success
Kate  (& my little supervisors!)

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