Connect with Mums with their own home-business
and mums who would love to have their own!


If you live in a Regional, Rural or Remote area you can unite with other amazing mums who understand the challenges and isolation of building a business whether that be due to physical location or the fact that some days you just don’t have the ability to get out of the house!   


RRR Mumpreneurs Connected is here for you to ask for advice, network, share you wins and challenges all in the safety of a Free Closed Facebook Group.  It’s up to you to take action and leverage the collective spunk, drive and charisma (and support) of our amazing regional, rural and remote Mumpreneurs. 


We welcome all service and product based businesses run by mums whether they are your own or you are representing another entity. 


Don’t be shy, we want to hear you, we want to celebrate with you and we’ll be there with the tissues when needed or the champagne ready (albeit virtually in some cases!).  



What’s stopping you from achieving your desired business success?

- lack of clarity on how to take your dream business to long term profitable reality

- you are working yourself into the ground, playing catch up all the time and even your kids feel left behind

- you have a business and it’s not performing which is affecting your health, self-esteem and family

I am hearing you!  Yes there is really a way to turn things around whether you are just getting started or have been trying to make it work for a while.

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