Mumpreneur Or Business Woman?

Loaded Question!

Whilst searching the web for ‘mumpreneur’ vs ‘mompreneur’ usage and inspiring ‘mumpreneur’ content and images, I came across an article that provoked a question ‘Can we please stop calling business women mumpreneurs?’

I found there wasn’t just one article on this subject, there were many from news sites to social media and the response to them caused a huge stir.  

This intrigued me.   Why did people call this ridiculous?  Why were they so affronted?  Why do we feel we have to cast judgement on others for a definition they love or hate?

What do you think?  

Mumpreneur – do you love it or hate it?

The term was even added to the UK Collins Dictionary in 2011.  The online version “a woman who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children” and the version documented in a number of articles “a woman nurturing an entrepreneurial streak whilst simultaneously juggling home and family life”.

This makes sense.  A segment of business women are mums. They have chosen to create their own business rather than re-enter the workforce.  Like the creative and collaborative humans we are who love nicknaming things – why not call ourselves mumpreneurs. 

With women starting businesses at approximately twice the rate of men, often part-time while raising children what is it that spurs them to do so?  Is it about priorities?  Is it about pursing dreams?  Is it about choice?

Starting a business whilst raising children is no mean feat with the interruptions and distractions that occur throughout the day and night.    Some other reasons could be:

  • The rising cost of childcare
  • Flexibility to work on your own schedule
  • Genius idea when a gap in the market is seen
  • Working on something you are passionate about
  • To be with your little ones are growing up
  • Able to make choices actively

Not to say these aren’t there or can’t be achieved whilst working full or part time or that all mumpreneurs are home based; either which way you do what you need to do whenever you need to do it. 

Is the ‘label’ of mumpreneur something to be embraced or hated?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Personally, I am proud to be a mumpreneur and a woman in business.  It’s a label, a box, a badge, or not … do you question the position title of everyone you meet?  No.  So who cares what we’re called?  

My kids call me mummy and I have an entrepreneurial streak! 

Whether you are a mumpreneur, mompreneur, woman in business who has children – if things are stuck and you can’t get past the stuff, the overwhelm and are passionate about using your unique skills to change the lives of others, let’s get you past that and have a chat.

To Your Success


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6 Comments on “Mumpreneur Or Business Woman?

  1. Hello Kate,
    Found your intriguing post on our Facebook Blogging Mastermind group. I’m not sure why the term “mumpreneur” has raised so much controversy but maybe that’s just an old Aussie marketer’s opinion. If you’re kids call you mummy and you’re happy and enjoying your online business part of your life then really does it matter whaqt others think? I aghree with your closing comment – who cares what you’re called! Thans forsharing this and my best wishes for your continued success both as a mum and an entrepreneur!

    1. Hi Peter
      It certainly grabs it’s fair share of attention. I remember working in 5 star hospitality on the front desk. We were called receptionists, they changed our description to Front Desk Agent, caused an initial stir, but in the end the same awesome service was delivered which is what was important and the customer didn’t care what we were called!
      To your online success, Cheers Kate

  2. Kate, as we are talking about labels what about me being a Nanpreneur? That may catch on. I commend you for juggling Mum and business. It takes a lot of time to do both so congrats to you for sticking with it.
    I often think that these people who make so much of a minor thing should go ‘get a life’. It is only a name (or label) that describes what you do. Who really cares? The important thing is that you made the decision and are taking action to succeed with your business as well as raise your family.
    Thanks for sharing this post Kate.
    All the best to you.

    1. What a great idea Gill! Not only can we decide what we represent by being a …preneur, we can have fun doing it! I also refer to myself as the Chief Inspiration Officer – because not only do I need inspiration sometimes but so do others 😉
      Cheers and all the best. Kate

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