Latest Survey Finds Top 10 Motherhood Challenges: Mothers are Overwhelmed

 I found this article recently from September 24, 2014 which was distributed by PRWeb.

overwhelmed-parents-300x200A recent survey found that mothers are overwhelmed by too much to do. This leads to a lack of control over their day and is the number one stress mothers face according to a recent online survey. Over 500 mothers from various parts of the United States and abroad were invited to answer the online survey.

“The other struggles of the mothers we surveyed, from highest to lowest were: being patient; dealing with tantrums and challenging emotions; balancing home and work life; worrying about their children; day to day parenting challenges like feeding and toilet training; sleep deprivation; feeling distracted and disconnected; feeling isolated and lonely and feeling judged by other parents”, said Kellie Edwards, a qualified meditation teacher and registered psychologist. They were also concerned about their relationships with their partners and their own health and fitness.

So the question becomes, where can mothers turn to relieve this stress? Mothers who need support can now turn to an online resource for help that offers expert advice and training in mindfulness. The online program is Mindfulness 4 Mothers. It is a combination of expert interviews and discussions with parenting practitioners. The program also provides a set of guided mindfulness exercises and a complimentary workbook designed to help mothers develop their own practical mindfulness program.

“Mindfulness 4 Mothers is not another set of instructions on how to be a perfect mother. Far from it. It is expert self-care for any stage of motherhood,” said Kellie Edwards.

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The new online program provides mothers with training and tools to cope with the demands of being a mom. The goals of the program are for participants to restore their own inner calm and establish a closer connection with their children. For a one-time fee of US$59.00 subscribers will hear from international experts in mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience. These experts share their personal stories of parenting, and how mindfulness helps them cope.

“I designed this online well-being program for mothers who are feeling the exhaustion, stress and loss of control that often accompanies motherhood. Experts like Christine Carter, Tara Brach and Rick Hanson provide great stories, lessons and real support that can benefit any mother,” said Kellie Edwards, a qualified meditation teacher, registered psychologist and the co-founder of Mindfulness 4 Mothers.

Some of the subjects covered include managing your own emotions during a hectic day; handling temper tantrums without getting caught up; learning how to reduce anxiety and bring balance to the conflicting demands of being a mother. Interviews and lessons can be downloaded to keep and review at a time that works for subscribers in the comfort of their own home.

Mindfulness 4 Mothers was created by psychologist and mindfulness facilitator Kellie Edwards & her co-founder; psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher Fiona Bales, in collaboration with renowned experts in the fields of psychology, meditation and neuroscience. For more information please visit: | |
I have no affiliation with Kellie who can be contacted to write or speak on the topics of motherhood, parenting, children, stress, anxiety, mindfulness, meditation and mindful living, well-being and the psychology of positive emotions.

As a mum to two young children this really sparked interest, especially handling temper tantrums without getting caught up!!  Who else has a 3 year old? OMG ...

Have you done this training, something similar, interested, would love your feedback.  As moms (and dads) in business, pooling resources, sharing opportunities and experiences is a great way to help not only yourself but others.

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