Is Technology Holding Your Business Back?

When you start your business the excitement of doing something you love should drive your motivation. As inspired as you may feel about the product or service you sell, the day to day operating of a business can begin to slow down your momentum. Often it is the online side of the business that trips people up. Is technology holding your business back? In this post we will explore how it could be and what you can do about it.

An Evolving World of Tech

Technology is fast paced and it can be challenging to keep up with. It can seem at times as if you just get grips of one online platform or selling tool when another ‘better, faster and more effective’ option is available. All of this change can feel very overwhelming.

Everyone wants to be ‘leading the market,’ and some entrepreneurs will continuously update and re-update their systems and procedures to meet the evolution of technology. Many of those who don’t do this feel as if they are getting left behind, it is easy to let this feeling add to the anxiety.

The problem with anxiety is it can actually paralyse us and cloud our ability to make good decisions. When we feel overwhelmed we can sometimes find it difficult to make any decision at all. This is what holds you back; it isn’t the speed of technology but your fear of it.

A Saturated Market

The online world is immense and continues to grow exponentially. There are so many decisions to make with regards to your online business, for example; what website builder to use, what pages your website needs, where to place your adverts, what to do with your marketing videos, how to blog and what email responder to use.

If you are looking for tech companies to help you, you will find an abundance of companies available, affiliated to a particular service claiming (rightfully in some cases), to be able to grow your business. The problem with these is there are so many options available and if you don’t have a lot of base knowledge you don’t always know if the services provided will offer what it promises.

Once again, this lack of understanding and feelings of anxiety can prevent you from making successful decisions.

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No Time to Learn

As a MumPreneur, you are probably busier than you have ever been in your life before. Juggling managing your own business with a family is a skill that requires practice and time. Therefore, taking the time out to learn about the technology available isn’t always as simple as writing it in the diary.

It isn’t just the bones of the technology you have to learn though; it is also the needs of your business. What objectives does your business have and what online strategy do you need to move your business forward?

No decision should be made in business without it being part of a clear plan to move it towards your end goal. Technology can hold a business back when the owner doesn’t take the time to consider what they need it for and then learn what service can provide the best opportunities.

Finding the Solution

The reality is it isn’t technology that holds business back these days but inexperience, being unaware and fear from the businesses themselves. When something seems too much and time is so limiting it is easy to make bad decisions or alternatively no decision at all.

The only way to overcome this is to prioritise it. Recognise that when done right, technology can grow your online business, enable you to reach more clients and increase your profit. When you shift your mind-set and stop putting technology to the bottom of your to do list then you will find a shift in your business.

As a business coach and techy mentor I support mums in business who have understood the value of technology but need knowledge and skills to utilise it. The help I provide is entirely motivated by your potential business growth.

An initial discovery call with me is completely free with zero obligations. Book your call with me here and find out what I can do for you today!

To Your Success


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