Is It Possible To Transition From Holidays To School With Ease?

We have less than two weeks of school holidays Australia. The kids were so ready to go back weeks ago, oops sorry, no that was all me, I was so ready for them to go back weeks ago!!

In all seriousness, 6 weeks away from the structured routine, their friends, the hangover from overtime with siblings (and mum or dad), going into a new year with new classmates and new teachers can be more than daunting mixed with anxiousness and excitement. What could be seen as insignificant to one could be significant or traumatic to another. This transition can also be stressful and disruptive for the entire family! Add to that a child with ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, other learning difficulties, Autism, low self esteem or having experienced bullying.

To help with the transition back to school for child, parent or carer, Access Bars® relaxes the body, relaxes the mind, dissipates the ‘I suck’, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m useless’, ‘I’m letting everyone down’, ‘I’m scared’, ‘What if this/that happens’ emotions and thoughts that can create the anxiousness or the list of scenarios that may be going around their head that has then upset, in knots, nervous about the school year ahead.

Access Bars® is an energetic body process whereby a trained practitioner lightly touches 32 different points on the head. The Bars® dissipates and releases the electromagnetic build up in the brain creating more ease and space with living in this reality whilst not being at the effect of it. Children’s Bars® run very easily, and as a result they shift very quickly into confident beings.

“My son used to take an hour to start his homework with a tsunami of anger, hopelessness, despair, anxiety and self-hatred, with the Bars® this changed to starting homework in 10 to 15 minutes with minimal frustration and keeping on track with what he is doing.” Louise Derksen.
Read more about Louise’s experience here.


Reported Benefits of Access Bars® sessions:
* Build Inner Strength & Self-Confidence
* Clear Doubts
* Reduce Stress
* Improve Test Scores
* Bring Clarity and Knowing
* Balance Sleeping Patterns and Mood
* Greater Ease in their bodies
* Greater Ease in their lives
* Deep Relaxation
* Increased Sense of well being
* Calmer
* More focus and attention
* Greater clarity
* Increased Creativity
* Less Stress and Anxiety
* Aware of More Possibilities
* Increased Joy
* Things don’t seem to bother them as much as that did before

Every Bars® session is different. Even if your child/ren make the transition with a minimum of fuss, the worst that can happen after a Bars® session is they will feel relaxed as if they had received a massage. The best that can happen is their whole life can change with total ease.

I asked my 6 year old daughter, who has extreme Sensory Defensiveness, how she would explain how she felt after a Bars® session “I feel kinder and calm”; (so did we all).

This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your children’s life without any effort.

Who do you know that might be looking for a change or support in their life that allows them to approach any challenge or change with ease?

To Your Success

Kate xo

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