Chasing the Dream ~ Fighting the Sabotage?

How often have you had a dream … and not followed it.

You’ve thought about it, researched it, pictured yourself with that dream … even done a dream board!!  And it hasn’t happened?


Because we can be the kings and queens of self-sabotage.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zoneFor years, and I mean years, I was too scared to admit I had an awesome, amazing dream but didn’t have the confidence in myself to chase it, to realise it, live it.   The real world got in the way and I let it.  I actually believed that working a j-o-b, paying a mortgage, being dog tired every day (well that had a few other under 3yr old factors involved and I wouldn’t change that) scraping together money for anything that wasn’t ‘business’ and feeling guilty for wanting my dream  now was just normal.  With a dream as big as mine, what did I have to offer?  How could I possibly achieve it?  Did I deserve it?  It happens to everyone else!  It’ll be taken away from me …


I let fear rule my world.

Have you done that too?

Are you doing that now?

I knew it was happening but couldn’t stop the train.  The more I listened to the irritating inner voice, to the unspoken expectations of those around me, listened to what I thought they all believed I was good at; I was peg holed into a life that was just sustaining but was not inspiring and empowering.

Talk about crap (yes sometimes language helps get the anger out, in this case mild language, it is curbing with children!).

Who runs your mind, everyone around you or YOU!  

I had to come to that point and even though I had trained as a coach and a counsellor, sometimes, well most times, you need to travel your own journey and fight for your own path to be recognised, even if that is by YOU.

I don’t knowifyouwantitworkforit where it started that I took other’s thoughts of me to build me … BUT IT HAD TO STOP!  It was degrading and downright money draining.

Through the journey of ‘who am i’, I am grateful I have had this ride.  It hasn’t been pleasant, but there have been some awesome times, but most of all, if it wasn’t for the life journey to-date I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Do you blame your circumstances?  Do you blame people who have been a part of your journey?  I hope not.  We are in the place we are meant to be because our thoughts and actions prior to this point have put us here.

That might be a hard pill to swallow for some.  I certainly didn’t want to hear that events in my life were because of me.  That I wasn’t making the money I wanted because of me!  But truly, we bring about, what we think about.  It doesn’t matter if that is positive or negative – it will still come.

Your thinking is the first way to change the life you don’t want, into the life you absolutely love.   Mindset couldn’t be more important in any situation.

My motto has developed and changed over time, and is now … To Change Your Life, You Have To Make A Change!

Join me, share your journey below.

To Your Success.



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