Content Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource

Are you doing the end of year overhaul and overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to do, didn’t get done, and need to do to move forward?   I wanted to share this post by Lacy at about the 50 Content Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource.


When you look at the whole list it’s quite scary to think they are all part of content marketing for our business online, really it is only a small part of all that we do as business owners. Let’s make it easy on ourselves and outsource the areas we are least strong and concentrate on our strengths.   

A good Virtual Assistant can:

  1. Write social media updates from content you’ve created.
  2. Schedule all your social media updates.
  3. Email, tag, and @ mention anyone you mentioned in your article.
  4. Email outreach to tastemakers. (You write the email, they change the name and details and send from your email address. P.S. I have templates for this kind of email in the library.)
  5. Help research and manage media outreach.
  6. Monitor Google alerts, hashtags, trending topics, etc.
  7. Transcribe video or audio files for your blog (or as a content upgrade).
  8. Convert files to PDF for a download.
  9. Upload files to your server.
  10. Format and prepare blog posts for publishing.
  11. Find images to use.
  12. Help compile research.
  13. Moderate or respond to blog comments (as you).
  14. Email blog commenters (as you).
  15. Add tags and categories to posts.

Read More on 50 Content Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource.

It might seem overwhelming at first seeing all the tasks but let’s have our eyes wide open running our businesses online.  Let’s take it further, after all we are starting a new year shortly.  Look at all areas of your business and the jobs that have to be completed on a daily, monthly and quarterly etc basis to ensure you have maximum success.  Highlight the jobs that aren’t your expertise, below what you are worth on an hourly basis or you just don’t like!   Identify which ones you are prepared to oursource.  A few sites to get you started: Upwork, Freelancer, 123Employee, NeedAVa.  However, google can help you as well as there are plenty of independent associations and service providers.

Happy hiring to get you more organised (without the frustration, stress and overwhelm) for an awesome 2016.

To Your Success

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