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for MumPreneurs who are passionate about creating and growing their ultimate
business, throwing away mummy guilt and living life on their terms, spending
quality time with their family, and living an inspired and abundant life


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Mums today have multiple roles to play which come with ample responsibilities; amidst a busy schedule and lifestyle!    Still, with all we have on our plate, the MumPreneur in us yearns to explode out and be seen and succeed.

What’s stopping you from achieving your desired business success? 

✓  lack of clarity on how to take your dream business to long term profitable reality
✓  you are working yourself into the ground, playing catch up all the time and even your kids feel left behind
✓  you have a business and it’s not performing which is affecting your health, self-esteem and family

I am hearing you!  Yes there is really a way to turn things around whether you are just getting started or have been trying to make it work for a while.

I want you to Imagine …

Each morning you leap out of bed knowing that your work day starts on your schedule; that the leap of faith to follow your dream has given you the freedom to choose how you fill your diary; the liberty to choose who you work with; the autonomy to have focussed time with your family … on a weekday; and the choice to work when and where you want and with whom you want knowing that the systems and structure in place are keeping your business thriving. 

Gone are the days you struggled to find your next client.  Gone are the days you weren’t sure you could pay the bills. Gone are the days when getting your business off the ground took precedence over your time with the kids.  

You, your service or product based business is sought after as more of your clients share their awesome results via word of mouth and social connections giving raving testimonials as to how the use of your unique skills was able to help them achieve their dreams and desires.  You may have sold them a product or provided a service that made them feel gorgeous, healed them, fulfilled them, supported them in their journey, transformed their life, gave them back their true essence. 

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Welcome.  I’m Kate L McCarthy. 

I am a mum.  I am also a coach … I understand the challenges faced whilst building a business, juggling children and everything else in between.   Often, we as business owners get bogged down with the little things and lose focus of the bigger picture; where our passion lies.

I have been where you are.

The dream to have your own business is overshadowed by the need to please those around us. 

I threw caution to the wind over ten years ago and entered the world of self-employment focusing on administration, bookkeeping, project and event management.   It was a ‘normal’ business, a good follow-through from my 9-5 job; and it fit the expectations of those around me. 

Before children I could work any hour to dedicate my time to my clients; however I knew that I wasn’t following my passion.

My business was business support however I was always drawn to self-development based skills.  I had trained as a Life Coach and later a Counsellor, competed L1 & L2 in Reiki, and kept looking into courses with a healing focus …  finally I realised I could combine my business support with my self-development passion.

Even though my qualifications allowed me to step out and do so much more, fear kept me in a business that I was good at and was thriving, but not shamelessly in love with.

I did what was expected and safe.  What I didn’t do was follow my passion. 

Let me ask you:  Do you do what you love, or do you do what is expected of you?

Fork in the road time.  I had to make a change.  If not for me, for my family to live a free and fabulous life without limitations. 

It wasn’t until my second child was born that I closed my traditional business and ventured into the world of online marketing.  Something I found I was good at, enjoyed and could do on my own terms whilst raising two children and supporting my husband in our agricultural business. 

In my element, I was coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach for their dreams through business online. Like a proud parent, I saw my clients go from online infancy to online maturity.  

I was close to living my dream, but knew that I was drawn to helping other mums live the free lifestyle they desire, too.

My passion was helping other mums who were coming up against the same challenges, mums who knew their passions and unique skills could make the world of difference but didn’t know how to package and market themselves to their dream clients.

It wasn’t until I defined who I wanted to work with that that my life and my business started to completely transform.  

Today, I thrive in my role as a Business Success Coach and help MumPreneurs follow their passions and use their unique talents to build the life they love.

I was taught how to ‘work hard’; that may have been a good discipline as a young person, but what I know to be true now fits much better - ‘work smart’ . 

When we follow our passions, work doesn’t feel like work.  If we set up our business with systems and strategies that practically make us redundant following the Core Pillar of Marketing, then my gorgeous MumPreneur – you don’t have to work hard.  You are working smart.


Kate McCarthy is what I would call a ‘true coach and teacher’ of great integrity.  She over delivers in all
areas because she knows what she is talking about and she cares.  Her mind is quick and active. But I always feel valued and  respected even thought I am many steps behind.  I would still be floundering if Kate had not taken me in hand.  Kate has so much to offer in so many areas and I would truly recommend her.  You will get the information, the help you need and absolute value for money plus the pleasure of associating and working with an amazing person.
Susan Rutherford, Adelaide, Australia


Susan Rutherford

It’s your turn.  

✓ Focus on your passion
✓ Package and leverage your unique skills
✓ Re-energise your vision
✓ Create a balance between business and home
✓ Impact your family in a positive way

Create a business that will give you the choice and freedom to live life on your terms.

Release Your Inner Preneur - Transformation Journey has been designed for MumPreneurs taking their passion and unique skills and crafting them into a highly profitable home based online business. 

This is for MumPreneurs

✓ who are ready to take their business to the next level
✓ who are over the frustration of trying to make it all happen
✓ who want more clients that match the intensity to which you are marketing
✓ who have identified their unique skills but not sure how to package them
✓ that want to leverage the power of online marketing but aren’t sure where to start.

My signature program, Release Your Inner Preneur  - Transformation Journey  will close the gap between where you are now and where you'd like to be in your life & business.



Having not been coached before, Kate’s coaching exceeded my expectations.  I didn’t expect such laser focus on my goals, and that is an awesome thing. It has been amazing to have someone provide clarity for me on key points of my ‘big ideas’  and assisting me in creating the programs I want to provide for my clients.  Kate’s direct and straight to the point manner means I get value for money out of each session because she zooms straight to the important things!   You always know exactly where you stand and know that she will give you her best.  She has your success at heart!
Kellie Butler, Dubbo, Australia 




It’s time to take a good hard look at what you have in place, what you have been doing and we’ll fill the gaps in between or create a whole new game plan.

I will challenge you; I will also be your champion.  You will take your destiny into your own hands so you can live a passionate and meaningful life, choosing how you live each day, how you role model for your children and how you can work smart and not hard.

Let your passion take control.  Step by step, we’ll align your business, your message, your packages and your marketing with the core pillars that are essential in super profitable online businesses that reflects your talent and true worth.

I’ll keep you on track.  You can do this.  It is your time to step up, realise your dream and know that you are worthy of a successful and profitable business giving you the life you love.

Go Girl!   You are on fire!   You are effortlessly attracting abundance.   You have made it!

With your success comes the ability to help so many others.

You can stand out from the crowd, build industry credibility, catapult your online presence and attract your ideal clients.

Your Transformation Journey Includes:

✓ Welcome packet - to get the ball rolling!

✓ 10 sessions over a 12 week period – 60 minutes in length (recorded and forwarded within 24 hours of our session)

✓ 1:1 coaching establishing /re-establishing the core pillars on building a successful business online

✓ unlimited email access


I have recently had the privilege of coaching with Kate. She is fun, full of enthusiasm & energy and makes you feel like you can rule the world, after just 30 minutes with her! She ignites passion and encourages you to run with your ideas and TAKE ACTION!  The sessions are crammed full of information and through her questioning skills and huge bank of knowledge, she has given me so many ideas to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend Kate for coaching. She has definitely put the wind back in my sails and has me heading in the right direction with hundreds of new ideas!
Debi Robertson, Melbourne. Australia

 Are you ready to Release Your Inner Preneur?

Start Your Transformation Journey today.

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As we are all unique, our Transformation Journey will also be.  We will work with where you are at now.

You’ll notice there is no “Buy Now” button on this page.  With a limited number of 1:1 clients I want to make sure we are an awesome fit for each other.  If I feel we aren’t I’ll be honest about that too.  To do that we need to arrange a 30 minute Transformation Strategy Call to get cracking.  This call is to help you get clarity and it is totally free of charge.  We’ll look at where you are now, where you want to be and create a plan of action based in the 6 Pillars above.