Asking for help is a sign of success

As women in business we often feel that we have something to prove. Maybe it’s to our husbands, maybe our family, maybe even society. Personally though, I mostly just want to prove to myself that I can succeed.

But what is success and how do we measure it?  Well that of course depends on who you are and the first thing you need to do when you begin your business journey is take stock of what successes are important to you. Don’t judge yourself by anyone else’s standards! Personally I measure my own success on the same scale as happiness. My own triumph has been turning my work into my passion and creating a work/life balance that allows me to be there for my children.

10 years ago when I stated my first business I was full of enthusiasm and fabulous visions of success. The whole idea of becoming my own boss was to achieve on my own terms and be successful in my own right. I was obviously anxious though, it was a big step and I spent many nights up worrying. Was I going to actually pull this off? What if I let my family down? What if I let myself down?

As I encountered challenges (as all businesses do) I became concerned that those midnight fears were becoming a reality.

It took me time, but I discovered that asking for help is not a sign of failure but instead a sign of strength. To admit you need support takes guts but can make the difference between success and failure.

Asking for help can not only allow you to find solutions to your most pressing problems but it can lead to business growth and here are 3 ways how:

  1. A view of the bigger picture

When you ask for help you are opening yourself and your business up for advice in all areas. This may make you feel vulnerable at first but the paybacks could be soon seen in your pay cheque! Outsiders may be able to see aspects of your business that you could alter to aid growth that you hadn’t even realised yourself. Sometimes when we are completely consumed by the day to day running of the business we can miss out on the bigger picture.

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  1. Empowerment

When we internalise our fears they only get worse. If you have an unresolved business problem the more you try to focus on it the worse it will get in your mind. Fear itself actually disempowers you. When you feel intense anxiety your brain can only focus on the problem and is unable to find a solution, which could incidentally be staring you in the face. When you admit that you need help and seek it, the relief of making this decision can relax the mind and allow you to think more logically. Asking for help is an empowering experience.

  1. Expanding your network

When you ask for help you are engaging with other business people. This is networking.  By working with others you are developing long term business leads that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Of course when we ask others for help we may find they come back to us and seek our guidance, you have skills and knowledge that can help others too and don’t you forget it! As business is all about people one of the most important things any entrepreneur should do is build relationships. Asking for help is one way to do this and raise your business profile.

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The only thing to be cautious of when you ask for help though is who you ask. Make sure you are seeking support from people who have a firm understanding of the area you need help in. After all, it’s no good asking a web designer about what material you should make your product with.

Those in my Empowered MumPreneur Mastermind  coaching group and those that attend the Business & Bubbles MumPreneur networking events are provided with an open and friendly platform where asking for help is encouraged and seen as a strength. As mums in business we are all on the same journey and when we work together we are so much stronger.

As a Business Success Coach I offer my 1-on-1 clients my personal expertise with 10 years in business and the benefits of my training as a certified coach and counsellor.  Don’t be fooled though, I too sometimes need help.  Running a business with a family in tow can certainly have times where you undermine your abilities and sanity!  I am now in a place though where I am confident in myself and my own abilities to know that asking for help makes me a more successful business woman.

If you have any questions or feel like you need a little help then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To Your Success

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