Are You Making Any Of These Big Business Mistakes?

Running a business as a MumPreneur is a tough job and many fail to make substantial life changing money.  Not making millions does not make a MumPreneur a failure though; keeping a home together, children alive and enough money coming in which will contribute to the family income defines success. Today though, I’m sharing some of the most common business mistakes I see when working with clients as a business coach. Making these small adjustments to your working practice could completely revolutionise your business and take it to the next level. I have seen it happen to others, it could happen to you too.

Do you understand the power of your brand?

Your logo, customer name, your website, your business card, your letter heads and every part of your business branding is essential for substantial business success. Your brand has to evoke a positive feeling in your potential customer. It has to stand for something and mean something to those who have already used your product. There is a science to branding but unfortunately, many small business owners try to create their own without expert guidance. I strongly recommend seeking professional support. After all your branding is your first point of contact, don’t undervalue it.

Do you aim to be the best?

Unless you have a completely unique product that solves a previously unsolvable problem, there is no way of avoiding competition. Your customers will have to make a decision between you and your competitors and you have to give them a good enough reason to choose you. Many MumPreneur’s I work with are so focused on their own business and their family that many times, they don’t even know what they are up against. Get to know your competition and aim to offer a service that stands apart and above what is available elsewhere. Be bold, be better and be different.

Do you understand that your customer evolves?

Most businesses (I hope), begin by thinking about their ideal customer. Understanding your customer helps you to provide the service they need and target your marketing materials accordingly. The problem is that the world changes and so does your customer. This could be because of aging, the economy, technology or market trends. Don’t become complacent, as your customer changes; so should you. 

The one most responsive to change - Charles Darwin Quote

Have you forgotten about the customers you already have?

It is easy to get caught up with the concept of attracting new customers to your business. This is great and a business will not grow without new leads. However, a mistake I often see is MumPreneur’s chasing the new but forgetting the old. Your existing customers may want to use your service or buy your product again. They may also want to talk about your business to their friends and family. Keep in contact with them and always ensure that you provide first class customer service at every point of contact.

Are you planning far enough ahead?

As a MumPreneur myself I get how difficult it can be to get through the day ahead never mind the next week, month or year but forward thinking can take your business to the next level. Equip yourself with a future orientated perspective. Firstly though, take the time to research and ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the industry you’re in and the market trends that have come before. Only then can you start to understand new trends which will enable you to stay ahead of your competitors and be the trail blazer; even if you have a toddler hanging off your leg!

Are you getting enough support?

As a MumPreneur you probably work from home, many of my clients live in regional, rural or remote locations and find it difficult to connect with others who understand what they are going through. As human beings we need to connect, we need to feel understood and to reach our potential we need to be inspired.

You can start connecting right now, join our closed Facebook Group for regional rural and remote MumPreneurs or organise a free strategy call with me so I can guide you and help you to avoid these mistakes, allowing your business to grow to its full potential, without any of the usual mummy-guilt.

To Your Success

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