Have you been asking for more?  Yet you aren’t quite sure what that is… And something is stopping you from getting there!

Life has its ups and downs and like many, I have been in that space – where you don’t see it changing, it’s dark, miserable and the spark you once had is nearly extinguished.  

The treadmill of life seemed to get faster and faster.  You think you can get off, yet another situation, phone call or conversation keeps it going and you promise yourself, again, it won’t be like this tomorrow, next year … when does it change? 

You love and adore your kids but you can’t seem to enjoy their exuberance… you don’t feel you can talk with others as they won’t understand why it is so hard to get out of this loop.

It’s time to get off the treadmill, to choose a different program, and regain your vigour for life.  It can happen, I know.


I was on that treadmill.  I would look at my kids and the guilt would eat me up that I couldn’t return their excitement at - anything.  Every day would be a repeat, I would squash the self-loathing, the hopelessness, the thoughts down; put on my fake smiley mask and go out into the world, then rinse and repeat.

I knew I couldn't continue like that, I was a shell of who I was and it was affecting our whole family dynamic, my body and my then failing business.  A sliver of light came after watching a television show that had me looking into a mirror, and crying that someone else felt it too.  If that person could change their situation … so could I.

It started with a Choice.

 I had always been drawn to the healing modalities even though I kept on with the admin and online techy stuff.  Drawing from my own life coaching and counselling training and the community of like-minded women I started surrounding myself with … I started, it was slow but anything that could flip that switch was all I was after. 

The biggest limitation was the head chatter.   Not long after seeing the show on television I discovered Access Consciousness® and their many classes, tools and body processes.    It felt like I had found what I needed and I tracked someone down who could teach me how to use the tools. 

Once trained, I started to wake up inside, everything seemed to be so light up around me, the colours were brighter, the head chatter reduced dramatically, the dark thoughts were gone, and all of a sudden I was able to flip the internal dialogue.  The relationship with my kids and my husband started improving … how can it get any better than that?

 I was back!

Do you want YOU back?


Are you curious about what else is possible in your life?

I started making decisions by trusting myself (yes at the beginning it was hard, it is like a muscle!).  Listening to the guidance that came when a question was asked.  It has turned my life around.   

If you are ready to flip the switch, to invite more magic and possibilities into your life and your business, let’s explore what is possible for you.  Seeing my clients transform and create so much more in their lives is what really fills my cup.  

 I am based in regional New South Wales.  I travel for classes, hold them locally and offer face-to-face sessions or online via Zoom.

I’m excited to see what we can create together.