6 Can-Do-Now Actions to Connect With Your Dream Clients

You’ve got so much going through you mind and not just about your business; you have a list a mile long of to-do items – then you sit at your desk and … BLANK!

Where do you start?  How can you get new clients on the books?

Here are 6 quick and easy ideas you can implement to get clients coming in fast!

Getting in front of your future dream clients is the starting point.  They have to know you exist in order to hire you!

  1. Personal Connection – we love social media, let’s use it. Where does your dream client hangout?  Interact in groups that allow you to support, encourage and interact.
  2. Local Networking Events – Get involved with local groups such as your Women in Business groups, Meetup.com, or small business organisations. The more you are out there, the more you are getting great at telling people what you do.
  3. Marketing Online – your home-base, your website.  This is your platform to shine, to connect with your dream clients and to provide value and support.  Consistently add new content and ensure you have a way for them to sign-up for more great value on your email list.
  4. Your Email List – further the relationship, give them a chance to get to know you, again offer value, show how you can play a part in their dreams coming true. Remember to include an offer to help them with a call to action.
  5. Advertising – this could include paid advertising such as PPC on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc (choose the best one to connect with your dream clients).
  6. Webinars – a great way to present yourself to many people in one event. They can be presented live, replayed or packaged into an automated product. Use them to offer value added training, build your brand and credibility, add in a call to action or align with other industry players, webinars are leaders in generating leads.

Choose ONE of these actions and go hammer and tongs for at least two weeks.  You are going to live and breathe this action.

You want to find one method that work for you; that you are passionate about.  Once you master the first, move onto another for the next two weeks. 

What are you benchmarks?  How many clicks, how many optins, how many discovery calls, how many sales?

The one I tend to favour is Facebook marketing.  I still do some of the other methods alongside, such as webinars and this blog as it is my face, my brand and I am always directing potential clients here (and there are many other options than these) however my primary remains Facebook for lead generation.  It suits me with young children.  When time is restricted I know that my ads are targeting my audience. 

What is your favourite way to market your brand and services?  How do you get in front of new your potential dream clients?

It’s time to take action.  Remember one at a time and you will see results…

To Your Success


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2 Comments on “6 Can-Do-Now Actions to Connect With Your Dream Clients

  1. Hi Kate,

    My very first visit to your blog and I must say I’m really impressed.
    Great layout, easy to navigate around and your message about what Kate is all about is made very clear to every visitor. I really like that.

    Ireally appreciated your 6 suggested strategies for getting in front of your dream clients. May I add that before anyone goes “hammer and tongs” for 2 weeks on any one of these strategies, that they firstly have a very clear idea of exactly who and what their “dream client” looks like.

    I only mention this as until just recently in all honesty I could not have clearly definied my ideal or dream client for my services. So without this clarity I could easily go and waste 2 weeks of effort trying to let more than likely the wrong people to “know I exist”

    Thanks for this share – enjoyed it and shared already because this post should be read by many folks wo have been strugling to connect with their dream clients.

    All the best from Thailand


    1. Hey Peter

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Absolutely spot on and great insight from your own journey. When working with my coaching clients, identifying our dream client is the first step I take (in my program it is (Pillar 1). Sometimes we get so overwhelmed when we look at what we must do in order to run a business online we need to step back. In many cases we have the tools and resources, we just need to have a plan that is achievable and actionable to take the first step to connect.

      Cheers for now Peter and thanks for feeding back.

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